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Selling your home is all about knowing the local housing market. Pricing your home correctly is crucial to maximizing the highest selling price possible. As an area expert, I can help determine what direction the market is trending, so you can make the right choices when it comes to selling your home to get the highest price possible!

More than 14 years experience.  Brenda is Forward Thinking and stays ahead

with evolving techniques to best showcase your property.

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Most homes in our office are sold BEFORE hitting the open market!

Common questions may start to creep up in your mind on many things and how the events will unfold as you start executing plans to sell your home and start searching for your new home.

Questions: “We are watching for properties, but they keep selling right before our eyes, what if I put my home up for sale and get sold right on out of here without finding a place to go?”  This is one of the most common, but let me say, the biggest fear homeowners have when they are wanting to move in a fast, hot market.  Even though clients feel more in control, going out and finding your home first is simply backwards.  If you try to put an offer on your dream home “subject to the list/sale of your home” you will lose out to other cleaner offers competing against you.

Options, we got options…..

1) You can continue shopping for your perfect home hoping that things will work out in your favour, secure a deal and run back and list/sell your home.  But, the odds of this happening is not very good.  Why?  Because your home is not ready for even the preparations to go to market, we are at the every least weeks out.  But, it’s good to browse to see what happening out there, but don’t get too hung up on that, we have the cart before the horse.

2) You could put your home on the market, market it, accept an offer with a “Seller Condition”.  Yes, on offers, just like buyers having conditions like Finance and Home Inspection, a seller CAN put their own condition on “We Accept this offer subject to us finding a replacement property by ___date.”  Maybe a buyer will love your home soo much, they are willing to accept this on their offer, wait it out  AND if they are able to…. they also may be on the mad hunt to find a home after selling their place and its a done deal and they need to find a home and assured they will get it without delay or problems…. or at the mercy of your condition to wait.  But, this could happen, it is possible.  EVERY house, every situation is different and it may be more in your favour or it may not be.

3) Once we see lots of homes coming on the market that seems sufficient enough for you to feel you may have a better chance in finding your home then we set a date to list your home including the 2 week period before it goes to the MLS where I advertise it as a Coming Soon listing, we don’t look at offers at this point, but will be creating a buyer frenzy, we then list it on the MLS, we will have several (hopefully) offers to choose from and we can have the luxury of picking the one that fits your needs the most, we can negotiate a longer possession 60-90 days and not have the condition to find your replacement?  While we are looking at several offers in a multiple offer situation, I have the opportunity to speak with each agent and see what situation their clients are in and how much they can accommodate you for a timeline for possession and you finding your dream home, do their buyers have a home to finalize the sale on?  Often times we settle for a longer possession date and wait for the sale dominos to fall for everyone involved… picture this, you will be giving a seller an offer who needs to find THEIR home to go to, you will also be accepting an offer from a buyer maybe who had sold their house already or maybe not.  All these dominos we agents have to balance with our clients and working closely with one another.  For us, its business as usual, for you…… it could be keeping you up at night with all the “What if’s….”

If this still scares you….. There is another option where we get your home “Ready” for market, like I mean, completely cleaned, staged, AND professionally photographed and video tour done!  This alone takes time.  Imagine finding your home and its “The One” then we race to get your home ready, book photographer (who by the way are booking 2 weeks out almost) getting your home measured and video tour and THEN finally get it listed….. we’ve more than likely lost your future home to another competing offer because none of my service providers are even available!

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