How Brenda works in a nutshell

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~Instead of having goals to satisfy my overall production, I have goals to satisfy my clients!

There are many aspects of real estate sales that seem pretty simple.  There are many elements of a smooth transaction, however, that are complicated and daunting.


Collecting information

Did you know the average buyer starts a year before their FIRST home purchase just gathering information on the internet, in the market, talking to friends and just browsing the odd listing on the market… just to see.  Too many who don’t understand this important and very legit process… you may have heard of the term… ‘Tire Kicker’.  Well, I don’t believe in tire kickers.  As humans that is what we do… window shop a little, gather information, check out competition, watch the activity, talk to a few experts in the field… is this not normal?  I give you an opportunity to do just that…. if you need me to facilitate to show you some samples in the local area with no obligation, I feel that is my duty to you… then leave you on your terms to think, collect, ponder and know that if you have any questions you know where to reach me.


First of all…. I LOVE HOUSE HUNTING!  I swear its a second passion of mine!  I LOVE the hunt, I LOVE the investigative search on the home you choose, I LOVE the negotiations to get you the right price, terms, conditions. I LOVE welcoming you to your new home on that special day!  It is truly a celebration!
Your satisfaction is my top priority! I will take the time to listen to your needs and desires and help you find the right home for the right price and budget.  I perform market evaluations on the home you are interested in buying, go over any questions and concerns then negotiate best possible price, conditions and terms of the sale of your new home! Having a Buyers Representative on YOUR side during the process can mean an incredible difference that you just cannot afford to gamble with.  A List price does not mean fair market value price or does not tell you how flexible the seller is!


As a Home Owner; I strive to get your home sold for TOP DOLLAR and in a timely manner. I HIRE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS to market your home in the best fashion possible.  My online and offline marketing programs give me the edge needed to make this possible. Homes receive high quality, professional brochures when clients come in, Open House as well, all the social media platforms I am on, there your home will be, too networking as well with all agents to sell your home fast.
I offer qualified homes Video Tours.
My business has been mainly in Edmonton, etc in previous years even although I have extent knowledge and experience serving clients in the rural communities.  We enjoy living in the country and I commute to all areas in the city 🙂
Brenda serves all residential areas in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain & Edmonton & St Albert.  
Also extent knowledge in acreage properties in Parkland Lac St Anne Areas.
Its been 14 + years I’ve been in the industry! Wow time flies! 
Thanks for stopping by on this page to learn a little more about me.  I look forward to meeting you.  Email me any questions you might have, I’d love to hear from you.  Take care!